This magician I think you will LOVE LOVE LOVE. He’s not like other magicians. He’s not… creepy.
- Ellen De Generes

I’m gobsmacked! He’s VERY good. VERY talented.
- Sir Richard Branson

James Galea has REINVENTED the art of trickery.
- Daily Telegraph

Meet MAGIC’S BEST card shark.
- Sydney Morning Herald

I can’t imagine there’s a magician on the face of the planet who could make him look ordinary.
- Australian Stageworks

Wizard of Oz.
- Variety

James Galea has breathed new life into the art of magic.
- Queanbeyan Age

A winning mix of bravado and youthful candor.
- The Australian

His tricks are as funny as they are slick.
- Sunday Magazine

An irresistible fusion of comedy and sleight of hand.
- 3D World

As fun as it is visually intoxicating.
- Express Media

James Galea has reinvented the art of trickery, taking it far from its traditional comfort zone.
- Daily Telegraph

Meet magic’s best card shark.
- Sydney Morning Herald

Sharp, Intelligent, Funny… Pure Entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

Truly entertaining… I can't imagine there's a magician on the face of the planet who could make him look ordinary
- Australian Stage

The audience was frequently gasping in awe or rolling with laughter, usually at the same time
- The Pun

As fun as it is visually intoxicating, making I HATE RABBITS an absolute addition to your list of must-see shows
- Express Media

A masterful performance.
- Stagenoise

Sharp, intelligent, funny… Pure entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

- The Canberra Times


August 20th, 2013


Wow, a month between posts is a little ridiculous, but I’ve been working! This last four weeks, I got to travel to Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Noumea, Vanuatu, Vegas and now I’m back home in LA. It’s so nice to be home.

There’s so much going on that I really don’t know where to start. So,here goes…

– this was my view for pretty much 6 weeks at sea. I also got to sail through most beautiful harbour in the world many times.

– Sydney was FREEEEZING but looked like this so it was okay.

– Figs and Heirloom Tomatoes are in season!!! Had such a good time making the most of them with mates.

– Went to Big Bear. It was incredible.

– Finished the final cut of the short film, now titled ‘The Magician’. It has been entered into Tropfest so I can’t show anyone till we find out what’s happening there. But it won’t be long now! Woo!

Abby is really sick and being away from her is terrible. I will see her in a month.

– Have had some incredible donuts and cronuts while back in LA. Wow.

– I have a new favourite sweater/jumper that I loved wearing to one of my favourite Diners. (who now follow me on twitter! Ha!!!) .

I’ll be doing shows in Virginia and Norther Cali this week and will update more frequently now that I’m back in the US.

Thanks for all your support and I hope you’re enjoying an amazing donut and having a #bestdayever wherever you are.


James xo


© James Galea 2014.