This magician I think you will LOVE LOVE LOVE. He’s not like other magicians. He’s not… creepy.
- Ellen De Generes

I’m gobsmacked! He’s VERY good. VERY talented.
- Sir Richard Branson

James Galea has REINVENTED the art of trickery.
- Daily Telegraph

Meet MAGIC’S BEST card shark.
- Sydney Morning Herald

I can’t imagine there’s a magician on the face of the planet who could make him look ordinary.
- Australian Stageworks

Wizard of Oz.
- Variety

James Galea has breathed new life into the art of magic.
- Queanbeyan Age

A winning mix of bravado and youthful candor.
- The Australian

His tricks are as funny as they are slick.
- Sunday Magazine

An irresistible fusion of comedy and sleight of hand.
- 3D World

As fun as it is visually intoxicating.
- Express Media

James Galea has reinvented the art of trickery, taking it far from its traditional comfort zone.
- Daily Telegraph

Meet magic’s best card shark.
- Sydney Morning Herald

Sharp, Intelligent, Funny… Pure Entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

Truly entertaining… I can't imagine there's a magician on the face of the planet who could make him look ordinary
- Australian Stage

The audience was frequently gasping in awe or rolling with laughter, usually at the same time
- The Pun

As fun as it is visually intoxicating, making I HATE RABBITS an absolute addition to your list of must-see shows
- Express Media

A masterful performance.
- Stagenoise

Sharp, intelligent, funny… Pure entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

- The Canberra Times


September 27th, 2013
As a child I remember seeing ‘Field Of Dreams’ over and over and over again with my family. As a teenager it would make me feel that dreams really could come true. As an adult it makes me weep, the nostalgia beginning to take over from the second the pan flute from James Horner’s amazing score blows its first note. It’s a movie I know by heart, yet one of those rarities that can still make you feel every emotion you felt when you watched it for the first time (like Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me for me)
So, it has always been a dream of mine to go to Iowa. Any American I tell this  to laughs at me, but I truly have wanted to go there ever since seeing the film. Luckily for me, brilliant magician and very close friend of mine, Nate Staniforth lives there. It just so happened, that I had to go out to shoot some footage in Iowa for a new show we’re doing together. Did you hear that…I HAD TO GO OUT TO IOWA! Yay!
It’s hard to share a dream being realised, but perhaps you can empathise sitting on the same wooden bench that Karen fell from looking out at the field. The Field hasn’t changed and is in perfect condition, like Kevin Costner just walked off the bleachers and James Earl Jones was sitting next to me saying ‘Basebaaaall’. I pitched a ball from the mound and said out lout “See if you can hit my curve… Yeah, you can hit the curve ball.”
Then, I couldn’t help being overwhelmed when I got to do this…
While I’ve been l
ucky enough to be living my dream for some time now, this truly was a #bestdayever.
And if it wasn’t already the most American day of my life, Nate’s wife baked me the greatest Apple Pie (from scratch) I’ve ever tasted.
Thanks for the memories Iowa.
© James Galea 2014.