This magician I think you will LOVE LOVE LOVE. He’s not like other magicians. He’s not… creepy.
- Ellen De Generes

I’m gobsmacked! He’s VERY good. VERY talented.
- Sir Richard Branson

James Galea has REINVENTED the art of trickery.
- Daily Telegraph

Meet MAGIC’S BEST card shark.
- Sydney Morning Herald

I can’t imagine there’s a magician on the face of the planet who could make him look ordinary.
- Australian Stageworks

Wizard of Oz.
- Variety

James Galea has breathed new life into the art of magic.
- Queanbeyan Age

A winning mix of bravado and youthful candor.
- The Australian

His tricks are as funny as they are slick.
- Sunday Magazine

An irresistible fusion of comedy and sleight of hand.
- 3D World

As fun as it is visually intoxicating.
- Express Media

James Galea has reinvented the art of trickery, taking it far from its traditional comfort zone.
- Daily Telegraph

Meet magic’s best card shark.
- Sydney Morning Herald

Sharp, Intelligent, Funny… Pure Entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

Truly entertaining… I can't imagine there's a magician on the face of the planet who could make him look ordinary
- Australian Stage

The audience was frequently gasping in awe or rolling with laughter, usually at the same time
- The Pun

As fun as it is visually intoxicating, making I HATE RABBITS an absolute addition to your list of must-see shows
- Express Media

A masterful performance.
- Stagenoise

Sharp, intelligent, funny… Pure entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

- The Canberra Times


July 18th, 2013

Hey guys,

$5,000 is up for grabs for one imaginative cookie who can make a kick ass instagram video using the guidelines below…

‘To celebrate the Australian release of Now You See Me, we want you to make an up to 15 second video on Instagram that features the most imaginative appearance or disappearance you can think of, using the #nysm5000 hashtag. This illusion could feature yourself, an object, a pet, cash – anything. Your illusion could be created from simply pressing pause to add or remove something, to the wildest illusory plans you can concoct!’

Yours truly will be judging the competition so get working and get creative. I can’t wait to see the great insta vids you all come up with!!!

Good luck!!!



June 18th, 2013

I know it has been a month since I posted. Sometimes, you gotta just enjoy your life and not spend the precious moments taking an insta. So, in a nutshell, I celebrated my 32nd birthday in the Sequoia National Park with my closest friends and spent 4 days cooking, drinking, laughing and playing spoons (that’s one dangerous game). Yep, that’s moonshine you see (I didn’t hate it).

It was National Donut Day and I celebrated by going on a pilgrimage to the undisputed best donut place in LA, The Donut Man. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful their fresh strawberry donut was. So, if you’re ever in LA. Go here! (I brought back a box and ate them all with zero guilt)

I then went straight into production for the short film/music video I’ve been dreaming about for more than twelve months. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. A few months ago I met a director who clearly had a great sense of humour, knew how to shoot magic and was willing to go on an adventure. My adventure with Adam Franklinhas exciting, scary, challenging and nothing but fun.

I was lucky enough to shoot at some of my favourite places around LA (Astro Burger, Brookledge, Hollywood and Sunset Blvd’s, ) put on a clown suit and made balloon animals for the first time in 15 years, made a dove appear (the same on that was used in Arrested Development! – thanks Joel!), played with the coolest rabbit I’ve met (Hugo) and some incredibly gifted friends made cameos throughout (one even put a sword down his throat).

After our last scene at LAX, I boarded a plane for Auckland where I met a ship and was heading to Vanuatu before the roughest of seas changed our course and took us to Noumea. So that’s where I am now, having just finished eating what I think is the best chocolate croissant of my life (I’m getting another one the second I finish writing this) about to head to the airport to go back to Sydney for a few days.

I’ll put some production pics up in my next post (photography by the wonderful Zoe and Cameron Rad).

I’ve updated the tour page, you can check it out here

I had the second croissant already. Definitely having a third.

About to board my flight to Sydney. Speak soon!

(I had a third on the way out)


May 23rd, 2013

Shooting a scene riding in Abby through Sunset Boulevard into Hollywood was one of the most exciting things I did this week…

I was part of a big project for ABSOLUT where I was paired with the innovative artist Agustina Woodgate so that I could bring her into and show her my world.

I always get excited when I meet someone who truly loves magic. Agustina has been obsessed with the art form  since she was a child so we had lots to talk about (in fact she even taught me a way of shuffling I’d never seen before). The idea was to teach her a trick she could learn to amaze someone on the streets of Hollywood – later that day.

We began at the studio in my house and I can’t wait to show you the results. This is a sneak peak at what we got up to and the people we met.


May 7th, 2013

What a ride its been. A little over a year ago my good mate Justin asked me to go on a charity ‘open-air booze bus’ around Los Angeles. I didn’t need an excuse for a good time so was totally in. Fast forward an hour and we’re going through a tree-lined street and I could see that some idiot was going to get clotheslined. As I stood up to warn people who were imminently about to get taken out by the perfect tree branches, I should have remembered that no good deed goes unpunished. As my mate came to my rescue, he too was taken out by the most dangerous tree in Malibu. This is what happened.

I got home that night nursing so much pain amidst the realisation of absolute stupidity. So, we drank a bottle of Laphroaig (which I don’t recommend). During the drunken self sorrow, I took to my piano and sung it out. Amidst my stupor, I started to answer the world’s questions in song…the most common in my world, “Can you really do magic???”

I woke up the following morning with a sore head, a painful eye and unknown music I couldn’t stop hearing. Later that day I received a voice text which I had forgotten ALL about. It was 15 minutes of babble; me singing on the piano answering all the questions I had. Amongst the noise, were the lines:

“Do you really think if I could do Magic

I’d be spending Sunday afternoons

Making f&*%ng dog balloons for your s^&* kids”

It started me on a journey I’m so glad to be on. I’ll elaborate more about POOF! (A New Magical) another time, but for now I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be shooting the short film/music video for ‘If I Really Could Do Magic…’ in Hollywood this month (and will have it out to you all soon after). I’ll be working with director Adam Franklin to bring the story to life (check him out, he’s awesome) and can’t wait to share!

In the meantime, you can buy the track on iTunes and Amazon for only 99 cents! (WARNING: Explicit lyrics)


April 25th, 2013

I sometimes think if I was to die tomorrow, I couldn’t complain at all. I feel (and am often reminded) I get to enjoy more in a week than many do in a lifetime; if my time was up, I’d be extremely grateful. I decided long ago (you just sung the rest of that in Whitney voice didn’t you?) to make positive change…change that would allow happiness to enter my life more often. I am very aware it’s easier said than done, though it seems to be working out.

After a movie-like weekend getaway in the Napa Valley for my friend’s wedding, I’ll be flying to Aruba tomorrow to perform at an event which I’ve no doubt will be a great deal of fun (yep, I’m very aware my life sounds like a joke). I love events like this and can’t wait to be on stage.

As amazing as all that is, my favourite part of this week was that I got to see my favourite diner waitress, Ruthie Jackson from Norm’s. She’s the greatest and always makes sure I have a #bestdayever when I visit. I’ll share her story here in much more detail soon (as everyone deserves a little Ruthie in their life). I also got to visit an insanely good diner in Sonoma called The Freemont Diner (I’m not cheating Ruthie, I promise!) and can’t wait to go back.

Until next time, I’ll be enjoying the fine California (and Aruba) sunshine and smiling lots with Abby. If you see us driving around, be sure to say hi!!!


P.S. Big congrats to New Zealand and France for recognising equality for all. Job well done.

P.P.S. I went bowling the other night and a Mariachi band was serenading the bowlers! That’s a win for all!


April 12th, 2013

It has been a pretty awesome and magical week. The Academy Of Magical Arts awards were held in Downtown LA at the most beautiful theatre I’ve ever set foot in – The Orpheum Los Angeles. Growing up as a young magician in Australia, I was rather limited to the amount of magicians and magic I could see – so I read, a lot. Pretty much every magician I ever read about during those years was there and it was an absolute thrill to be around them all. Also, my good mate Justin Willman had a show in LA which was awesome as always and then Barry & Stuart had a great show the following night.

In other news, I’ve been hearing about the Glendora Donut Man‘s famous fresh peach donut (which is available for a limited time each year when the peaches are in season) for a quite a while now (I can only think of Kramer screaming ‘The Makinaw Peaches Jerry!’). I’ve spent way too much time watching video’s on how these magical donuts are painstakingly made and cannot wait to put the delicious pinnacle of the donut world in my mouth. The adventure will be photographed and documented when the peaches are in season.

I like donuts.


March 28th, 2013

I often pinch myself and am in awe at how lucky I am. I did a lot of pinching this last 10 days. I traveled back to Sydney and fell in love with the city all over again. Incredible beaches, some perfect weather (don’t be fooled, I got lucky) a visit to some new restaurants and an unexpected trip to Melbourne saw me having many #bestdayever’s.

Often it feels like I’m cheating myself to stop and write about the memories I’m making because I want to make the most of them. While on the fourteen hour flight from Melbourne to LA, reflection is standard.

Good news is I’ll be touring Australia in 2014. Yay! Don’t know exact stops on the list yet but will likely be major cities. When the show is officially announced, I’ll post all links here. SO excited about this one.

While in Melbourne I got to see my good friend, music producer and bona fide rock star Bill Bell (who produced POOF! A New Magical for me) perform with Jason Mraz on their world tour. Show was awesome and I got to show them some of my Melbourne faves including the Night Cat, Naked For Satan and the Little Creatures Food Hall.

I fly back to LA with a new energy and inspiration that usually means something great is around the corner. Let’s all find out together shall we?

Much love,



March 20th, 2013

Howdy friends!

I’m enjoying a very sunny Sydney end-of-summer, making the most of the sunshine (not that it isn’t equally as warm in LA) and getting in as many meals at Tums Thai in Randwick as I can before I leave (by far the greatest Thai I’ve ever eaten – if you’re in Sydney go there and grab a Pad Thai at its most perfect).

I’ve been getting heaps of emails weekly about coming to tour the UK – while I’m not planning on that this year, I will be on your screens over the next 2 months in Discovery Channel’s ‘Breaking Magic’. Yay!

You can check out some new behind the scenes vids on the UK site and you can also have a squiz at the episode guide here.

Hope you’re all having a #bestdayever wherever you are. Be sure to tweet me your happenings this week! I look forward to hearing from you.


James xo


March 10th, 2013

Hey friends!

Has been an awesome month. I’ve been traveling and working pretty hard and enjoyed many bestdayever’s with Abby and lots of magic friends over dinner and brunch – among which was my good mate and ‘Magic of Science’/’Breaking Magic’ costar Wayne Houchin who is healing very well.

The series has apparently been airing all over the world which is really exciting and I want to thank you all for the kind FB messages, likes and tweets.

I really love LA. It’s a place where anything can happen and often does. On Friday, I was about to head out to see a mate then got a message from a friend asking if I wanted to be a cop in a Rhianna video. Sounded like a blast. Meet Officer Galea of the LAPD (PS I got to drive the patrol car and play with the sirens!)

I’m heading to Australia on Monday for some exciting meetings for the new show I’m working on and cannot wait to share some good news with you all.

Oh by the way…my appearance on Ellen made it to front page of Reddit! Thanks for your votes everyone!

Much love,

James xo


February 18th, 2013

Ok, so that was scary. I’m happy to say that my stitches are out (ok, it was one stitch – but it’s out) and I did it myself so that makes it more cool. Right? Right?

I’m back in LA. It’s wonderful to be here. The weather has been spectacular and I’ve been enjoying some wonderful times with Abby. She said she missed me dearly while I was away and I’m very happy to be back in her arms. (Follow her if you’re not already here)

I found out today I’m going to Aruba in April, that’ll be nice no doubt. I think I should do some shows on the East Coast then too. Where should I go? Tweet me and let me know.

Had a fun photo shoot with my main man Cameron Rad (who’s work I love ) in my living room at at the piano. Good times.

I’ve been told that ‘Magic of Science’/’Breaking Magic’ is the number one show on Italian Discovery Channel which was great to hear, and also, the show has been airing on Australian Discovery for some time now with new eps even I haven’t seen.

I’m excited to be working on two new shows at the moment – one for television and one for stage. I look forward to sharing more over the next couple of months about both.

Much love,

James xo

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