James Galea, Justin Willman, Nate Staniforth and Justin Flom are the faces of modern magic and have joined forces to create the world's first magic supergroup - BAND OF MAGICIANS. Each member's fierce sense of one-upmanship drives the whole Band of Magicians to new, increasingly impossible feats, creating magic that draws on their collective talents, far surpassing what one magician can accomplish alone.

Combining award-winning magic and mind-blowing original illusions, it’s awe-inspiring entertainment from the finest magic specialists around.

BAND OF MAGICIANS sold out during its World Premiere at the Sydney Festival in 2014 and will be touring internationally.

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"Intriguing, befuddling, deceiving, entertaining,
and hilarious. Absolutely hilarious." - The Brag

"Band Of Magicians will restore your sense of wonder” - Daily Telegraph

"Truly baffling, hilarious and even strangely
moving marvel of a show" - Time Out

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