A masterful performance.
- Stagenoise

Sharp, intelligent, funny… Pure entertainment.
- Sunshine Coast News

- The Canberra Times

- Illawarra Mercury


LYING CHEATING BASTARD is the intriguing tale of a young man being drawn into the seedy underbelly of Sydney, the story of infamous con-man Jimmy Garcia aka 'the Cricket', and how he became the most successful con-man in Australia by the age of 30.

Jimmy has no idea how it happened, but somehow he was born with a gift, a talent to play any game of chance better than just about anyone in the world. "I always win, always", says Jimmy. "Cause I follow three simple rules - I never go against the percentages, I always control the variables, and I don't leave anything to chance… Oh yeah, and I cheat."

Part mystery, part coming-of-age story, part demonstration of the finer arts of trickery, LYING CHEATING BASTARD is the extraordinary story of Jimmy's induction into the murky world of gangsters and grift. Featuring close-up projection of Jimmy's card scams live on stage, LYING CHEATING BASTARD stars Australia's Number One Magician James Galea and his increasingly astonishing feats of skill with cards and sleight of hand.

LYING CHEATING BASTARD has toured 20 cities in Australia and will soon have it’s worldwide tour announced. A television series is also being developed.

Written by James Galea & Nicholas Hammond
Directed by Nicholas Hammond
Set Design by Joe Briscoe
Lighting Design by Matthew Marshall
Sound Design by Steve Francis
Produced by Jo Dyer (Soft Tread Enterprises)

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